Sports to Bet

Bet on SportsSo, you think you are ready to start betting on sports? If you answered yes to this question, then you came to the right place. The list is almost endless and makes you wonder sometimes why people would bet on these events. The fact that you can make most sports that are boring, really interesting, is the most obvious reason. Say, you want to bet $1 on a darts match, you can. Or, you can bet $1 on a cricket match.

We’ll give you a small look in to each sport that we follow at There are several sports that aren’t listed on this page, but you will eventually hear about them. We cover the most active sports and we’ll share deeper information on each individual page. We think you’ll find this resource very helpful.

    Bet on FootballFootball – The most active sport to wager on during the fall and early winter. You have a ton of games each week giving the active bettor plenty of choices. This is where you use the season to help put odds in your favor.

  • NFL – This is the professional side of the sport. You will see wagering on preseason games all the way up to the Super Bowl. The games are pretty much endless.
  • College – College football is considered to be easier to bet on. You have so many games each week during the season you won’t run out of opportunities. The season will then lead up to the bowl games at the end of the year that provide a lot of excitement. We will have tons of football picks each week so stay tuned.

Bet on BaseballBaseball – One of the longest seasons in sports and the most amount of games makes baseball the #1 bet for a lot of people. Each team plays 160 games a year. That is some serious baseball bets. You can bet games, series, and more. There are plenty of options when it comes betting. Let’s not forget about the playoffs and World Series bets. These always see a ton of action.

    Betting on Soccer GamesSoccer – This is probably the most common bet in the UK and other countries around the world. Most of the sportsbooks have so many soccer games to bet on. It’s an endless list of games almost like baseball.

  • World Leagues – You can find action on almost every continent. Most of the best games will occur in the Euro Zone or in the southern hemisphere. Either way, the books will have a long list, which will include live betting as well.
  • USA/MLS – Not that there are a ton of games on the docket each year, US Soccer has made a big run lately. When in season, the MLS can have some nice games to wager on. Stay tuned in the fall for some serious soccer action.

Best Hockey BetsHockey – Although there are a ton of hockey games each year you have to have a pretty good feel of the sport to make a bet. There is a time during the year when hockey is one of your major options, so it’s best to study up when you can.

    Basketball Bets LiveBasketball – You have tons of games to wager on when it comes to basketball. You even have a professional side and a college side. Each offers some nice games throughout the year and you’ll see us throwing out a lot of picks. When in season, there will be more than one game a night.

  • NBA – Betting on professional basketball can be risky since games can go lopsided. Just pay attention to the odds when you make the bet to see if the money is moving to one side. Watch for cross country road trips as well. Teams will have a tendency to disappoint when they travel far.
  • College – One of the best times to wager is during March Madness. So many great games and the lines can be picked apart if done right. Don’t fall for the sucker bets in college. Try to watch certain teams throughout and you will learn who to bet on. We’ll have plenty of free college picks in the future.

You can Bet on TennisTennis – You have both a Men’s and Women’s circuit. Each match will have a betting format or you can bet props on who will win the upcoming tournament. This gives you some solid action in a sport that can be fairly predictable. Upsets do occur, but you just need to know when to jump on the right bet.

Bet the Daytona 500Car Racing – There are a ton of series events, but we’ll dicsuss the two main ones. You have Nascar and Formula 1 racing. One is heavy in the United States and Formula is strong in other countries. Keep in mind, betting on racing is tougher than horse racing.

Why Not Bet on a Cricket MatchCricket – This is one sport not followed in the United States. You can find some serious cricket bettors in Asia and Austrailia. These countries have big time leagues and the game is followed heavy.

Cycling OnlineCycling – Another sport that is hard to follow and should be dealt with on a smaller scale. You don’t want to get caught betting on something you don’t know much about.

Bet Golf TournamentsGolf – There is a love/hate relationship with most golf amateurs. It’s a game that can’t be beat. Betting on golf can be quite difficult. Our system is to take 5 golfers in a tournament and try to put the right odds in your favor without risking that much money.

Fight to WinMMA – Here is a fighting sport that has changed the sporting world. A lot of boxing fans have moved on from the sport and are now watching Mixed Martial Arts fights. It only makes sense that the sportsbooks carry betting odds on these fights. We’ll have some selections going forward.

Betting the PoniesHorse Racing – Of course we have a whole section these types of bets. It’s better to get a true understanding on how this works before placing a wager. You can learn much more about horse racing bets right here.

With so many different sports to bet on, your options just keep on growing. Try not to get overwhelmed by all these choices. It can drive you nuts. If you find a couple of sports that work for you then stick with them. You’ll be better off. If you wish to put some small wagers out there you can. That is what is so nice about modern technology and sportsbooks today. You can now place bets from your mobile device. This will give you the freedom to bet on pretty much any event.

We’ll eventually go over events you can bet on that weren’t listed here. We didn’t go over entertainment, political or Olympic events. This list is pretty long. For now, stick with what you know and if you have any questions or feedback please let us know.