Bovada Review

Bovada ( is a great, multi-purpose online casino that caters to both serious and casual gamers of all types. They have a wide assortment of table games, sports betting and horse racing books, and a poker room. This really is a casino that all sorts of gamblers can set as their home page. If you’re looking for a place to play for a few hours per week, or if you want something that you can sit for long periods of time playing without getting bored, this will prove to be a great casino for you.
Betting on Sports

The Bovada Basics

Bovada has four sections: a casino, a sportsbook, a horse racing book, and a poker room. The casino has all of your basic table games, slot machines, video poker, and some not-so-easy to find games, too. The horse racing section is also pretty comprehensive. They have action from all of the major tracks throughout the rotating seasons of the sport of kings. For poker, they have your basic Texas Hold ‘Em games, along with Omaha games, and 7 card stud games.

But it’s the sports book section that reigns as Bovada’s crown jewel. They offer the sports you would expect—baseball, NFL football, basketball, and hockey—but they also have a lot of international sports that many other books gloss over. You can bet on cricket, snooker, rugby, and even entertainment events, such as celebrity props, award shows, political events, and other odd assortments. This has helped to make Bovada a haven for serious bettors looking to capitalize on profitable opportunities wherever they might be.

Open a Bovada Account Today and Bet on a Winner

The Award Winning Platform

Much of Bovada can be enjoyed without ever having to download software. The sports book and horse racing book are both free of downloads, so you can use them at whatever speed your internet connection might be at. A lot of the table games also do not need to be downloaded. You can play blackjack, some slots, and even games like keno all from their download-free platform. For a more in depth experience, you can download their casino application. Whether you download software or play right from the web, you can see your account information posted on the side of the screen so that you can always have a better handle on money management.

The web version of the casino makes it great for playing from a mobile device with an internet connection. There is a mobile casino page that you can use that makes this process even easier for those on the go. You can play on both Apple products and Android, too.

Why You Should Sign Up?

There are a lot of online casinos out there, so what makes Bovada special? For one, their total dedication to the user experience helps them to stand out. They have a huge variety of different games available for you to play. There are dozens of different slots, just about any sports betting idea you can think of, horse props and traditional pari-mutuel wagers, a poker room with multi-table tournaments going off all the time, and all of the table games you would find at a brick and mortar casino—both popular and hard to find.

Get a Big Bonus

Bovada has a lot to offer in the way of games, but can you make money playing here? The short answer to this is, yes, you can. This is partly due to the outstanding bonus feature that they have for new players. For example, the poker room has a 100 percent first time deposit bonus offer of up to $1,000. This means if you sign up for a poker account and put a grand in, you will have another thousand put into your account. Obviously you will have to play for a while before you can withdraw this cash, but not many other places give this much away for free.

There are other bonus opportunities, too. If you play with a mobile app, you can earn free spins on the slots. Thursdays allow you to get up to $200 in free bonus cash in the casino. And there are loyalty programs that reward repeat visitors to the site. This ensures that even after your first bonus, if you are serious about playing here, you will get your money’s worth.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Getting money into and out of your accounts is pretty easy. You can deposit with a major credit card, a wire transfer, or a Rapid Transfer. Credit cards put the money in your account instantly. Withdrawals can be conducted with a courier check or a Rapid Transfer. Once you have an account, funding it is really easy and only takes a few moments.

The Winning Bookmaker

Bovada has quickly become one of the web’s top casino sites. Not only do they offer the best games to players all over the world, they do so in a professional and trustworthy manner. The casino is owned by the Canadian company Meadway and has a very good reputation within the gambling community. Whatever you are looking for, Bovada probably offers it. If you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, their stellar customer service department will be happy to help you out over email, telephone, or live chat.