We’ve been offering betting tips for quite some time now and it’s important to focus on what you are comfortable with. This year has had plenty of action in all sports. For almost half the year the NHL provides plenty of betting action. We’d like to offer our visitors picks on NHL games throughout the season. This page will try to help you understand how hockey betting works and allow you to make the best picks possible. We’ll go over the NHL, betting odds, Canada hockey betting and much more. If you are seeking odds at this particular time you may check out our favorite sportsbook at

The NHL betting guide and Odds

When looking at hockey games to bet on you have to decipher how you want to place your bet. You have several options most likely for each game. We’ll go over the four main ways to place a bet on hockey.
NHL Betting Lines and Tips

Puckline (American Line)

Not used heavily in hockey, the American line offers bettors a spread on each particular game. One team will be favored and one team will be the underdog. Sometimes you will have an even line where the teams match up perfectly. When one team is favored they usually give the other team an advantage. The team that’s the underdog usually gets anywhere from a half a point or more. For example, if the Washington Capitals are favored by a 1/2 goal over the New York Rangers, this means New York is the underdog. The Washington Capitals would have to win by one goal or more. Most times games are deciphered by a half point, but when there’s one really good team against a poor team, the spread could widen. A team that is the underdog doesn’t necessarily have to to win the game for you to win the bet.

Hockey Betting Tip – Overtime does count toward the line. However, if the game were to go to shootout, the team that wins the shootout gets one extra goal. So if the line is greater than one, the game would have been decided after overtime. If the game is tied 3-3 and 7 shootout goals are made, only the winner of the shootout will get a goal and the outcome will be 3-4 or 4-3. This goes for all bets in hockey.


The most common way to bet on hockey is by using the moneyline. This is usually based on two outcomes. Either one team wins or the other. It’s as simple as that. Let’s do an example. Say the Detroit Red Wings are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pittsburgh is the favorite in this game and are considered a -130 moneyline favorite. Detroit, is considered a +140 underdog. In this case, if you were to take the Pittsburgh Penguins, for $100 you’ll make $170. If you were to bet on the Detroit Red Wings for $100, your payoff would be $230. Obviously the ranges on the money line can change substantially, so make sure you keep an eye out for the best one possible at all the different sports books.

Canadian line

The Canadian line is a very interesting wager. It allows a wider payouts with harder outcomes. We see a lot of games on the Canadian line where the team needs to score 2 goals or more to win the bet. This also is based on a money line scenario. Let’s look at an example. Say the Dallas Stars are visiting the Edmonton Oilers. Dallas is considered the stronger team and the favorite. The Canadian line might show -1 1/2 (+255) and Edmonton Oilers might show +1 1/2 (-310). The interesting part about these numbers is that the money line is considered -110 and -110 for both teams. For the Dallas Stars to cover, they need to win by two goals. A $100 will pay out $355. Although this might sound like a lot of money, both teams are equally matched and it will most likely require a lopsided victory by Dallas. On the other hand, the Edmonton Oilers would need to lose by one goal or less for them to carry out the -310. This $100 bet only pays out $132. The odds are in the favor of the underdog because of the goal differential, but the payout is much less. We feel it’s best to stick with the moneyline unless you run across a great matchup.

Total Goals

The last method you can bet on NHL hockey is by using the total goals. This usually equates to the total goals scored in the game by both teams. Imagine the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing the Minnesota wild. The total goal line is five. Most sportsbooks apply juice and odds for both the under and the over. This may deter you from betting one side or the other. What this means is more people are betting on mainly on one side of the game. If the over is showing -130 and the under is +110, most likely more people are betting on the over. You can usually find minimal juice on the over under in most sports. You will need some good NHL betting tips to get the right picks on these particular lines.

Mobile Betting

We’ve talked about this several times on this site, how mobile betting is getting easier to do. We’ve also mentioned the several sportsbooks that you can bet with from your iPhone, iPad, Android or any other device for that matter. The convenience allows you to place bets on any game with in seconds from your wireless device. Bet NHL from the palm of your hand. Be sure you do your research first before placing that pick.

Live Betting

In the last few years live betting has become prevalent. Hockey allows you to make live bets while the game is in action. Lines are set throughout the game giving you options to keep more interest in the action. You will find wagers like, who’ll score first. Who’ll get the next penalty or what the outcome will be at the end of the period. There are several ways to bet on hockey using the live betting feature most sportsbooks offer.
Bet the Action Live

Canada Hockey Betting

It’s only fitting to talk about Canada hockey betting on this page. The NHL has several teams located in Canada. These teams include the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, MontrĂ©al Canadians, Ottawa Senators, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, and the Edmonton Oilers. Out of the 28 teams in the NHL, seven of them are located in Canada. Consider betting on Canadian teams when at home due to their fan support and loud arenas. Also look for cross country road trips. This can allow you to get a nice bet when someone like Carolina is visiting Vancouver. Travel takes a toll on the team and may set up a nice matchup for your next line.

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Hockey Futures

You do have other means when it comes to betting on hockey. Most sports books offer futures. They give you longshot odds on who will win both the conference finals and the Stanley Cup. Of course this is quite difficult to predict at the beginning of the season, but remember, the odds are in your favor earlier on in the season. You may want to consider taking up that early action before the games start and find a diamond in the rough. Then find a team after a few games into the season. Predicting a team like the MontrĂ©al Canadiens to win the Stanley Cup will pay out 28/1 at this particular time of writing this article. Sometimes it’s best to pick longshots to get higher payouts, but do your research and figure out who’s got the best chance to make a run at the cup.


Another way to bet on hockey is during the every four year Olympics. The Olympics are set up during the NHL season. There is a respite for about two weeks where the NHL players focus on their country’s team. During these Olympics you will have access to betting on individual games, prop bets and who will win the gold, silver, and bronze. You can also bet on the futures of this as well. Olympic hockey is much different than NHL hockey. Make sure you consider this when placing your bets during the Olympics.
You Can Bet the Olympics
Betting on the NHL or any other hockey game for that matter is fairly simple to do. Once you understand the different lines it’s up to you to figure out which team will win each game. Consider your odds on every event and use your skills and hockey betting tips to help you find the right winner.