We Had a Great Betting Weekend

Hopefully you caught our action this weekend. You would have made out big time. We’ll go over our plays and cover today’s plays below. Be sure you have the right Sportsbook working for you.

To kick things off we’ll start with our Baseball plays from Friday. There was just one, but it was a parlay. You can see our picks here, but too remind you, we picked the Washington Nationals and Detroit Tigers parlay. $100 only paid $120, but if you took these two teams separately you would have to put up a lot more money to make an easy 20%. Both teams crushed their opponents as well.

The game we liked in college on Saturday was the matchup between Connecticut and Maryland. We took MD -7 on the road and they covered relatively easy. They are now 3-0 against the spread. May have to ride them next weekend.

We liked the Bills at home getting points again. This played out well. Taking the over in the Redskins vs. Packers game worked out really well for us. The Colts at home did backfire late in the game. We did like the Cowboys getting points in Kansas City. They lost by one so they covered.

Our extra picks worked out as well. We liked the Seahawks, the Broncos and the Bucs. All three of these teams covered.

We also had one boxing match. Good ole Floyd “Money” Mayweather got it done without problems. This guy probably just made $100 million for a fight we don’t think many people cared about. Pretty wild how it all works out.

Now, for today’s picks we’ll start with some Monday night action and move onto some other sports.

The Pittsburgh Steelers come to Cincinnati to face the Bengals. In most cases you would think the Steelers would win this with ease. In this case the Bengals look great and the Steelers look like crap. Although it is an AFC North battle there are too many bad things with the Steelers not to think they get crushed. We are riding the Bengals -7. If the Steelers keep it within 7, they are most likely winning this game. This is where the +230 looks pretty interesting as well. You may want to hedge.

We do have a couple of baseball picks. To kick things off we are riding the Pittsburgh Pirates at home against the travelling San Diego Padres. We are on the spread on this one at -1.5(+135). The moneyline is a bit high and we think they win by 3 or 4. San Diego isn’t really good.

We are also taking the Arizona Diamondbacks at home against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the Moneyline of -106. This could be a close game, but the D-Backs should get it done.

These are the games on tap for Monday night. Be on the lookout for more solid picks from sportsbookodds.net.

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