Smooth Picks Lead into Monday Night

We were able to find some really nice picks over the weekend and we’ll try to make it happen today as well. We had some NBA picks on Friday that we really liked. The Toronto Raptors took full advantage of the 9 points they were getting. They lost by 7. Until we are proven other wise, when the Thunder is getting points we are taking them. They won outright in Detroit.

Our two hockey picks worked out perfectly. We liked the Ducks at -320, but we also liked the Canadian line at -1.5. Well, the Ducks blew out the Sabres 5-2 paying out both bets without much pain. The Toronto Maple Leafs got it done against the Devils as well.

We definitely liked Florida State over Wake Forest and they blew them out 59-3. This was a feel good game for bettors. We also liked Minnesota at home against Penn State which worked nicely. Wisconsin covered the 8 points by beating BYU at home. Another great setup. Another big spread game was Kansas at Oklahoma State. They covered the 31 points. Washington was another game that worked out really well on a big point spread.

Overall we had a way above average weekend and we’ll continue our picks throughout the week.

Tonight we are looking at the Miami Dolphins and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Both teams have their issues. The question is, who overcomes their problems and pulls out the win. We honestly think Tampa is ready for a win. They are the only winless team out there. Miami has locker room and leadership issues which could play a huge factor. Look for the Bucs to take the +3 at home and get their first win on Monday night.

Monday is a big night in the NBA. We have a couple of games on tap for you. We’ll start off with the San Antonio Spurs coming into Philadelphia. We are riding the Spurs on the road at -6.5.

We also like the Chicago Bulls at -8 at home against Cleveland Cavaliers. They should be able to win pretty easily assuming they shoot a normal percentage.

The third game of the night is in LA. The Clippers are favored by 6.5 points. We are liking the home team against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Look for a high scoring affair as well.

There is only one hockey game on tonight and guess what, Boston is at home. We don’t think they have a let down game against Tampa Bay. Look for a lot of goals in this one with the Bruins taking the game in regulation.

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