Shaky World Series Opening and More

Yesterday was an interesting day. It almost looked fixed. If you saw any of the World Series Game 1, you saw how this game was thrown (no pun intended). It was terrible for St. Louis. However, we think they get back in the groove tonight. Boston definitely holds the momentum, but we’ll see tonight.

We won one of the two hockey games, but we took down all three soccer games yesterday. Manchester United and Manchester City both won their games. We took Real Madrid as well who came in with a 2-1 victory. Each of these games were fairly tight in the end.

As for today’s picks we do have a few. We’ll start with game 2 of the world series and go from there.

The St. Louis Cardinals looked like crap yesterday all around. This doesn’t mean they threw in the towel, they are just not in sync at the moment. We are ready to double up on the Cardinals behind pitcher Michael Wacha. He will set the team straight and even up the series. Take the Cardinals +110.

Thursday night football hasn’t been that great, but it make things interesting mid week. The struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not win this game against the visiting Carolina Panthers. However, Tampa is getting 7 points at home. We are taking the Bucs at home +7. The key to having two sportsbooks is the line you want. On you are getting +6.5, but at Bovada you are getting +7. This helps having both books available. This will let you get the line you want without buying the half point.

The NHL has several games in play tonight. We will start out with San Jose coming to Boston. Both teams are hot right now and this game can go either way. Boston is coming off a game last night, so we are going with San Jose at -110.

We’ve been riding the Anaheim Ducks for some time now and until they lose we will keep the streak alive. They are -105 on the road in Montreal, but they have definitely found a groove.

Our third and final pick in hockey is between the Washington Capitals visiting the Edmonton Oilers. We think the Caps continue a solid road trip and beat the Oilers at -120.

This pretty much covers our games of the day. Be on the lookout for our new video tomorrow with all of our weekend picks. This will be a fun weekend.

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