Monday Night Showdown Picks

Whether you had 100% winners or 0% this weekend, you come into Monday night with a clean slate. Think positively and things will work themselves out. Do your research and find out how you can put the odds in your favor. It isn’t always easy, but there is a time when you will see the light when it comes to sports betting.

We had a pretty decent weekend with our picks. The Miami Hurricanes covered the wide spread in a blow out victory. This helped our college weekend for sure. Our next game was Alabama at home against Mississippi. They were only favored by 14 points. They ended up crushing them 25-0. Never go against the Tide at home. We took Oregon at home favored by 37. Well guess what. They won by 39. You think these sportsbooks know what they are doing. That was wild for sure. 3-0 in College.

As for the NFL we had one really strong game with the Colts again. They were 9 point favorites and they blew out the Jags on the road. We did lose the Bears game, but made up for it in the Chiefs game. They are legit. They crushed the Giants. A team that can’t get anything going. The late afternoon game we liked was the San Diego Chargers getting points at home. We took the 2 and they won the game against the Chargers. Just like the opening weekend in the NFL. The last Sunday came we took was the Broncos at home against the Eagles. This was an utter blow out. Peyton is putting all these teams to bed early. Wow the Eagles didn’t even have a chance.

We went 7-1 on the weekend which is fantastic if we may say so. We picked smart and played the right teams. More picks coming for sure this week.

We only have two games to talk about today. This will give us three total bets. For the first bet, we like the Dolphins on the road getting +7. They are playing some really good football and their defense is pretty strong. This could slow down the Saints. The Saints might win this game for sure, but as long as the reality check for the Dolphins doesn’t exist it could get interesting. We also like the Under in this game. 49 points isn’t much for the Saints and a different opponent, but if the Fins was to slow down the Saints they need to eat up some clock. You could parlay this bet and get almost 3-1 on your money. You can always do quarter or half size bets.

The other game we are looking at is in Baseball. This is a play in game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers. We honestly think the Rays come in and win. They are strong all around and if the pitching can hold a bit the bats will do the rest. They are -114 tonight and for the most part should be favored. They are playing better ball than the Rangers.

We didn’t have a Breaking Bad bet last night, but if you like the show you know the moneyline on Walt dying in the show was about -10000. The dude had to go down and he did. It was a strong ending and it closed all the different doors that were still open. Great show if you haven’t watched it. We’ll be back tomorrow with our picks.

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