Let’s Get This Betting Weekend Going

We had a below average day yesterday and hope to turn that around with this weekends picks. The Eagles couldn’t keep the ball in their hands which led to scores for the Chiefs and gave Andy Reid his 3rd win in a row. The one true pick that worked out really well was Tottenham Hotspur covering the -2.5 point spread. They ended up winning 3-0. The Rockies at home payed out nicely as well on both points and the moneyline.

As for today and this weekend, we have plenty of action. We’ll get it rolling with some baseball and soccer and then we’ll dig into our weekend football picks.

The Baltimore Orioles need a win tonight and they need it bad. They play the Rays who have a small lead in the division. We are taking the Orioles at +160 tonight. Jason Hammel can definitely get it done early. It will be up to the bats.

In the second baseball pick we have to go with the New York Yankees behind C.C. Sabathia against the travelling San Francisco Giants. This game is huge for the Yankees if they want to stay in the race. They are -142 on the Moneyline.

The one soccer play comes from the MLS. We like a draw in this one, but we also think the Rapids can get it done. The Colorado Rapids are home against the Portland Timbers. Take the Rapids on the moneyline at +300.

Let’s dig into our picks for college and NFL football. We always have a ton of games to choose from so be ready.

Our first pick on Saturday is between Virginia Tech and Marshall. We like Tech at home -8. This could be a tight game and may be decided on special teams.

The next game we like is Texas A&M (-29). Although we don’t care for Johnny Football we think he goes off with about six Touchdowns in this game. It will be a big blowout at home.

We do like Michigan at -18 on the road against Connecticut. The Huskies aren’t very good.

Other picks to consider include. Georgia -34, Kansas at -10 and Florida International against Louisville getting 43. That is some serious points to cover.

Let’s get into our NFL picks. These get harder and easier at the same time. We had an interesting trade yesterday that may shake things up a bit as well.

We have to ride the Chargers getting +3 in Tennessee. They can easily keep their momentum going in Nashville. We look for Antonio Gates to make a Touchdown this weekend.

We really like the Vikings -7 against the Browns, but they may get surprised by a good defense. This game is either tight or gets out of hand. Stick with the Vikings. Browns are now without Trent Richardson and their starting QB Brandon Weeden.

The Bengals at home getting +3 with a solid defense against Rodgers and the Packers. We think this could be a high scoring affair, but the Bengals Defense will make some key plays to win the game or at least cover.

We weren’t sure about the Falcons getting points in Miami. This could be lopsided, but we like the Falcons and the points. Watch for some extra juice you’ll have to pay.

The final game we like is the Indianapolis Colts getting 10 on the road in San Francisco. This game should not be that big of a spread. We are riding Luck and Trent Richardson.

We’ll be back on Monday for some more picks so stay tuned.

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