Let’s Find Some Bets

It’s time we find some solid bets for the middle of the week. There was some decent action on Monday which we plan to go over first. Hopefully you caught some of our picks over the past few days.

We’ll kick things off with the Monday night Football play. The Falcons have not been playing that well and the Jets have. Taking 10 points was a no brainer here. They not only fulfilled the bet they won the game. They were +400. That’s a solid payout if you were willing to take it. If the Falcons don’t get busy on defense soon, they will be in a lot of trouble.

For our first pick of the day we are taking Adam Wainwright and the Cardinals looking to finish off the Pirates at home. They are -165 based on pitching which has been quite good. The 6.5 over/under is pretty interesting as well. If it stays under the Cardinals should win, but if it goes over the Pirates have a chance. This is game 5 so some nerves will definitely be in play. Someone needs to show up take home the divisional series.

The St. Louis Blues look pretty dominate so far after two games. We think reality sets in when they face the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. We are taking Chicago on the road in this one. They are -105 and should be able to pull it off. This game may go over 5.5 as well.

A Canadian match-up between the Montreal Canadians and the Calgary Flames kicks off at 8:05. We like the Canadians on the road in this one at -130. The Flames defense is a little suspect right now.

We do have two MLS games for you to bet on tonight. First is the Seattle Sounders taking on the Vancouver Whitecaps. We like the Sounders at home, but this one is on the road. We think they get it done at -.5 (-150). They are the better team.

The other MLS game is the San Jose Earthquakes coming into Colorado Rapids territory. We like Colorado in this on at +285. It may draw, but you have to take the home team in this match.

We will have our first NFL pick of the week tomorrow between the Chicago Bears and New York Giants. We’ll get to that tomorrow. An interesting side note, is the fact that Denver is favored by 27 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That is pretty embarrassing. We’ll break that down near the end of the week.

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