Interesting Weekend in Sports

We got things rolling this weekend with the St. Louis Cardinals winning game three. We didn’t have a selection in game four, but either way it was a flip of the coin. Game 5 will be the same. It’s in St. Louis and if they want to win the World Series they need the win tonight. Adam Wainright disappointed us in the last game, so we think he is back and ready at home. Take the Cardinals at -124.

We had some decent picks in College football this weekend. Alabama covered the 28 points at home and Oregon covered the big 24 point spread as well. The big win in College Football was Ohio State at home against Penn State at -15. PSU got pounded big time. Giving up 63 points. Yikes.

We had a fair weekend in the NFL as well. We liked San Francisco against the Jacksonville Jaguars. New England took down the Dolphins which played out nice with a 10 point win.

Our biggest win was on the Broncos and the over. After the first half you might have thought differently, but the adjustments were made and Peyton took off like no other. The final game of the day was the Sunday night matchup between the Packers and Vikings. Packers covered very nicely in this game.

We do have one more game of the week when Seattle comes into St. Louis. Two big games in St. Louis tonight. We think the Baseball Cardinals win this and the Rams don’t even put up a fight. Even at -13.5 on the road, Seattle is much more dominant. Take the Hawks on the road.

We’ll close up our Monday with a couple of hockey picks.

Pittsburgh hasn’t been playing that well, but they are travelling to Carolina and will most likely get it done on the road at -170.

The Washington Capitals are finishing up a long road trip, so this is where it gets tough. We think Vancouver pulls out a win in this game at -155. The Caps will make it interesting, but who knows if they have enough fuel in the tank to get it done.

We’ll be back on Wednesday with some more picks.

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