Great Halloween Picks

We felt pretty good about a few games last night and it showed. We’ll start off with a pretty wild NFL game. The Dolphins blew the big lead to the Cincinnati Bengals, but were able to take it to over time. It turns out that fairly late in overtime, the Dolphins scored a safety on Andy Dalton to win the game. This was a huge play to finish the game. Who knew a safety would be the walk off play. Anyway, the Dolphins not only had the +3, they actually won the game as well.

We also had the Knicks on the road in Chicago. This came down to the last 5 seconds, so the +7.5 was plenty. Our two hockey picks also worked out really well. We had the Boston Bruins defeat the Ducks and the Rangers took down the Sabres. This was a great way to finish the month.

Too start things off we will go over our NBA picks for Friday. The Washington Wizards are favored by 9.5 at home against the Philadelphia 76ers. A team that just beat the Miami Heat. We are riding the 76ers on the road.

The second game we like tonight is the Memphis Grizzlies at home at -7.5 against the Detroit Pistons. This could be a shootout, but we like the home team.

You can also consider the Heat at -4 and the Celtics at -2.

We have two hockey games for you as well.

The Philadelphia Flyers haven’t been playing that well, but the Caps are without Ovechkin tonight. We are taking the home team at -140.

The second game is the Ottawa Senators at home against the New York Islanders. This could be a score fest, but the home team is the choice at -140.

You can also consider the Stars at -110 and the Panthers at +170.

Let’s get into some of the weekend action. We have plenty of College and NFL games to consider.

Penn State at home at -11 after last weeks debacle. We are going with the Lions. They should roll big.

Wisconsin has been money ATS. We will take them at -10 on the road in Iowa. We always like Iowa at home, but the Badgers are the better team.

We like Georgia in the Swamp against Florida at -3. Yes, they aren’t the favorite, but they’ve been missing some key players.

Notre Dame should take care of Navy at -15 on their home turf.

Florida State is a 21.5 point favorite. Something seems fishy here. We have to take Miami on the road. We don’t think they win by three TD’s.

We do have week 9 in play in the NFL.

We like the Saints on the road facing the New York Jets at -6. Drew Bress will be too much for the Jets.

The Rams have been playing better and could win this game against the Titans. They are getting points at home, so we are riding them for sure at +3.

Seattle is at home against Tampa Bay. This is a 17 point spread and they might shut out the Bucs. We did notice the run game open up on them however. The thing is, the Bucs don’t have a QB.

Other games to consider. Redskins +1 at home, Patriots -7 at home and the Raiders -3 at home. Could be one of those weekends.

We have some travel coming up so we will try and get some picks in next week.

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