Going into the Weekend

Looking at SpreadsUnfortunately our pick of the day didn’t pan out. However, we did do fairly well in our other games. Staying above 50% is key for us and yesterday we did better than that.

We won’t go over the defeat the Tar Heels took yesterday on the road with a two hour weather delay. It wasn’t a blow out loss spread wise, but they never had a chance. Anyway, let’s break down the good stuff.

The other college football game we liked was the Utah Utes at home against Utah State. Giving three points the Utes hit a late field goal to take a 4 point lead. This was a fairly tight line, but it covered in the end.

We’ve done pretty well in the preseason and we hope it continues into the regular season. Last night had all teams in action and we jumped on a couple of picks.

We’ve liked the Browns all preseason. Even on the road giving points we knew this young team would pull it out. It turns out they won the game by two, covering the spread by .5. We’ll take it.

We think the Vikings getting points at home was a no brainer. Not only did they fulfill that bet they won the game. This was one of those games you could add to the parlay and get paid off on. You have to take the odds where you can get them. This bet was definitely the type of bet you should seek all season. Home team and getting points.

WOW – Our one baseball pick was awesome. GIO and the Nationals took Miami to the house in a 9-0 blowout. This was a solid bet for sure. This closed up our night with only one loser.

We do have some more action today for you to watch. We’ll have to wait until next Thursday for some NFL, but tonight we do have a few college football bets on the plate.

You look at your sportsbook and you see -28 and -32. How can you bet on these two teams? Well, their opponents don’t really have a chance. We’ll take the favorites in both the Michigan State at home against Western Michigan giving 28 and the Miami Hurricanes at home against Florida Atlantic giving 32. Tough spreads to cover, but this can be done by half time.

We also like the over in the Michigan State game at 45. This should be a 52-13 win.

We do have a couple of baseball games today that should play out nice. You have to ride the hot Nationals until you can’t ride them anymore. We like them at home against the Mets. Take them on the Moneyline -190. Don’t go big, but ride the winning streak.

The second game we like on the diamond is the Atlanta Braves -140 against the Miami Marlins. This may seem like a suckers bet, but the Braves are good and the Marlins are not. Ride the hot teams late in the season.

Betting on ChelseaThe soccer play of the day is Bayern Munich going against Chelsea. We like Chelsea at +.5 (+120). As long as they pull off a tie or the victory we should have a good bet here.

We will try and get more picks in this weekend. There will be plenty of college action so stay tuned.

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