Getting Near the End of the Football Season

When we get to the end of the season in the NFL, teams have a tendency to really let down their fans. In most aspects, if a team doesn’t have a chance at a playoff run, you will start to see players playing not to get hurt. They don’t make plays and teams end up getting rolled pretty hard. This is when we like to play favorites. Assuming the spread isn’t crazy, playing the team that is moving forward is the right move.

Tonight sets us up for the perfect play. You have a disappointing San Diego Chargers coming to town in Denver. The Broncos have the highest powered offense and they will most likely continue tonight. The Broncos need to keep winning to get the official #1 seed in the playoffs. This will give them home field throughout the playoffs. This is critical at this time of the year. This also means Denver isn’t going to release the pedal. They will come into this game at full throttle. On the other hand, San Diego has nothing to play for. Pride, ya right. They don’t want to get hurt so they can extend their careers. Of course they want to win, but the odds diminish a lot more on the road and in the cold. We are taking the Broncos big at home on Thursday night football at -10. We are not sure the over goes past 58, but the chances are pretty good.

As for the rest of the games in the sports world we created a list below.

TrailBlazers -3.5

Blues -250
Rangers -160
Sharks -200

We will get our weekend picks to you tomorrow. Have a great day.