Getting Busy on Monday

Bets for August 19Last week we had a lot of great picks. This week we will continue to look for some great plays and hopefully stay on track to another great week.

The two games we really liked on Friday were from the NFL preseason. The New Orleans Saints got off to a fast start and covered the -6 with ease. Although the Raiders made a small run at the end, it wasn’t enough for them to make a push. The other home team we liked was the Buffalo Bills against the Minnesota Vikings. EJ Manuel went down for the Bills, but they did pull out a 4 point victory on a spread that was -3.5. You can see Friday’s Picks right here. We will try and post some picks on the weekend when our timing is better. Life can get in the way, so if you don’t see picks for Saturday or Sunday, we will try and make up for it.

For today we’ll get things going on the second preseason football game between the Washington Redskins at home versus the Pittsburgh Steelers. Currently the line is (-2.5) for the home team, but this can change at game time. Although this is preseason, the Steelers have had the Redskins number for some time. If the Redskins were getting points maybe then would I bet on them tonight. Without RG3, Kirk Cousins and the rest of the young players need to get it done. Mike Tomlin seems to know what he is doing to get the momentum. We like the Steelers (+2.5). Another option you can consider is the Under. If it stays at (39) or goes up, this may be the best bet of the day.

We do have a couple of baseball games in play today. The Baltimore Orioles at home seem like the best baseball play of the day. Take the (+1.5) and walk away. Although you have to pay (-145) on this one it should work out with the spread. The moneyline isn’t enough to get us excited.

The other baseball game we like is the Cincinnati Reds at home against the D-Backs. The Arizona Diamondbacks are coming off a 16 inning win in Pittsburgh and it may be too difficult for them to do that again against the Reds. The moneyline is a (-173), so the points may be your best option at (-1.5). Two decent pitchers hit the mound tonight, so it could be a fun one to watch. Maybe don’t go heavy on it, but if you want some action on it, the Reds are the play.

Most likely the game to watch, not to mention the live betting game of the day is in soccer. Manchester City travels to Newcastle United. The line (+1.5) for the home team. If they pull off the victory at home they are +1000. Bet a dime to win 10 dimes. Not a bad deal, but this one seems a bit lopsided. Take Manchester City at (-1.5) as they should win 5-1. If you don’t feel comfortable betting this one, put a small chunk on Newcastle and see if you can get the upset. It will pay nice. The draw today will be like hitting the green zero on the roulette table.
Bet Manchester Live
We’ll continue to have action tomorrow, so be on the lookout for some more Free Picks. Our record is pretty good at this point and we feel it should continue.

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