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Bets for August 20, 2013We’ll be looking at some nice plays today in the sports world. We had a real solid day yesterday on the picks we made. The Under on the Redskins-Steelers game was most likely the play of the day. Although there was a turnover early for a score, the defensive units held most of the game in check. We were totally wrong about the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday. They looked pretty crappy. They really need to get their lines in order if they want to make a move in the AFC North. As for the Redskins, if they can stay healthy they will have a fighting chance to defend the NFC east title.

The other games on the plate yesterday were the Baltimore Orioles getting +1.5 at home. This was a no brainer in our minds. We jumped on that one even though the price was a bit heavy. The Cincinnati Reds did what they’ve been doing all year. Winning at home. They not only won the moneyline, but they took down the line bet as well. You’ll most likely see a lot more Reds action on

The last game from yesterday was a no brainer soccer game. Manchester City was odds on favorite to win that match. They ended up blowing out their opponent Newcastle United 4-0. There wasn’t much risk on this one, but you had to put up a lot to get paid on the moneyline. The spread was the better bet with this game since it was fairly predictable that Manchester City would win.

Today we’ll be looking at some more baseball and soccer. Since last night was the last game of this weeks NFL exhibition games, we’ll have to wait until Thursday for some more action on the NFL.

We do like the Washington Nationals tongight coming off that debacle of a loss last night against the Cubs. They are the better team, but it didn’t show. The Moneyline of (-130) is the play on this one.

The other baseball game we like St. Louis Cardinals on the road in Milwaukee. Take the (-143) moneyline to avoid the (-1.5) line. This will give you something strong in the end.

Although the Draw seems like the better bet here since this game is a pick’em, we are going to go with AC Milan against PSV Eindhoven . We’ve always felt like they cover at home. You can think about the moneyline, but the draw comes into play. Make sure you know what you are doing before placing the bet.

Bet on GolfThe Barclays Golf Tournament is coming up this weekend and we want to share our top 5 favorites to win. Picking an outright winner is quite difficult and the odds aren’t always in your favor. We feel like you have to be willing to bet quite a bit to win. The odds look tempting at 200-1, but remember how big the field is. Our Top 5 are listed below. We’ll include our long shot. Next Monday we’ll discuss how everyone came out.

Tiger Woods 5-1 = This is your best bet, but you need to pony up a few more bucks to make a lot.
Matt Kuchar 28-1 = Playing very well this year and is ready to make it big.
Lee Westwood 40-1 = He is so due for a big win.
Henrik Stenson 18-1 = Henrik is playing some really good golf lately. It’s bound to come his way.
Hunter Mahan 33-1 = Hunter is coming off that withdraw in the Canadian Open, but seems poised to win this event.
There is a reason for a lot of players are getting high odds, but this one played well last week at the Wyndham. Bob Estes is at 200-1. Throw down $5 on him and you have a $1000 payday. Let us know how you did.
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