Getting it Done this Thursday

Bets for August 15, 2013We enjoy the action on a daily basis. Yesterday got off to a great start with the Reds pounding the Cubs for a nice winner. Of course this is the next day, but that one was very easy to take no matter. With a +130 you got paid off pretty well if you took the line. The other baseball bet we announce yesterday was the Pirates versus the Cardinals. Although this was a marquee matchup, it was probably one we should have stayed away from. If you did bet it, you should have kept the amount below average. This was not putting odds in our favor. The game we really liked yesterday was the youth soccer between Portugal and Switzerland. Come on people, Portugal is a power house and it is hard to bet against them no matter the age. With a -1 line and a +110 you had no pain with this 5-2 victory and made out ahead.
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Action Bets for August 14, 2013

Best for August 14, 2013There is plenty of action today and tonight for August 14, 2013. We had some nice plays yesterday that worked out really well. Although our Angels play didn’t work out like we expected, the Newell’s Old Boys got it done yesterday. The closing money line on this Argentina Primera bet was +330. This definitely made up for the Yankees defeat. Also, it took the full game for the Nationals to get it done, but they won by two which covered the spread and the moneyline. Our picks today should be interesting as well. [Read more…]

What’s on Tap for Tonight?

August 13, 2013Some days are better than others when it comes to betting lines. The more games you have available to you the more options you have when it comes to making a bet. There are plenty of times when you want to place a wager and there just isn’t anything on. Instead you bet a game that makes no sense. The more information you have about the event the better off you’ll be. Remember, you are trying to put more odds in your favor instead of taking them away. [Read more…]