NFL Week Three Action

It’s not smart to place a wager on every single football game, every single week. Sportsbooks are generally pretty good at picking lines for games, and at any one moment, there are usually only a handful of games worth wagering on, especially with the advanced software that most books use to calculate lines. So, instead of taking an interest in everything, you need to refine your focus on two or three games and make the most educated decision you can, and get a good price while doing so. If you narrow your scope of focus, you will find that your results become much better. Here are a few games that stand out amongst this coming weekend’s games. All of the lines below are from

Redskins at Eagles

Redskins Play the Eagles
The Redskins are 6.5 point dogs right now, and for good reason. The Redskins QB, Robert Griffin III, is struggling this season, and the Eagles starter, Nick Foles, currently has some of the best stats in the NFL. [Read more…]

Who Will Win the Super Bowl 2014-2015

As the NFL season progresses, the teams that have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl will become more apparent. Yes, sometimes an outside shot will win, but that outside shot still has to make the playoffs to make the Super Bowl, and by that time, their payout might be a lot less than it was preseason. So, if you think a dark horse has a good chance of winning the big game, the best time to bet on them is well before the playoff teams are announced.

Preseason futures on the Super Bowl can have huge payouts, even for strong teams. Even last year’s champion, the Seattle Seahawks, currently have a +600 payout. If you wait until the day before next year’s game, the favorite will definitely not have this good of a payout. [Read more…]

Getting Near the End of the Football Season

When we get to the end of the season in the NFL, teams have a tendency to really let down their fans. In most aspects, if a team doesn’t have a chance at a playoff run, you will start to see players playing not to get hurt. They don’t make plays and teams end up getting rolled pretty hard. This is when we like to play favorites. Assuming the spread isn’t crazy, playing the team that is moving forward is the right move. [Read more…]

Just Winners

Today, we are just picking winners. We are keeping this short and simple. Only picks.

This is for Friday December 6, 2013
Wizards -9.5
Hawks -6.5
Thunder -5

Avalanche -140
Red Wings – Even

Oklahoma State -10
Baylor -15
Auburn -2
Ohio State -6

Chiefs -3
Ravens -7
Bengals -7
Steelers -3
Panthers +3.5

Hump Day Picks and More

The Seattle Seahawks blew up the New Orleans Saints on Monday night which gave the pick of the day a real feel good moment. It will be hard to go against Seattle at home and it looks like they will have the home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The spreads will be quite wide most likely on most of the games. We will continue to seek bets like this going forward. Today we have a few sports in the works.

We’ll get things going with some NBA basketball. There are several games in play tonight around the country.

We like the Denver Nuggets travelling to Cleveland giving 4.5. Denver is definitely the better team in this game.

We also like the Clippers on the road in Atlanta. Giving 4 is a lot in this game, but the Clip should get it done. [Read more…]

Post Thanksgiving Bets

We were unable to place our picks for the Holiday weekend, but we are back now. There were some definite wild games across the board and if you bet wisely you probably did pretty well.

We just want to get things going this week with a quick post. This will pretty much cover tonight’s football game and a few other activities.

Football is definitely winding down across the board (Tear). However, when one sport comes to an end another will pick up in it’s place.

We’ll get it going withe Seattle Seahawks at home against the New Orleans Saints. This is a huge game for both teams and will most likely shape the playoffs. [Read more…]

Crazy Betting Weekend

We watched a lot of great sports action this weekend. It was topped off with an overtime game in New England. It appears injuries are really starting to mount for many teams. The team that can stay the healthiest will have the best chance at winning the Super Bowl. Right now the Seattle Seahawks look like the #1 contender.

Today we will go over our picks from the weekend, cover the Monday night game and also throw in some other random Monday games.

Our Friday night basketball picked worked out real nice. We took the Spurs on the road at -1 and they took it down by 14 points. This was a great way to get the weekend going.

We also liked the huge spread in Florida State over Idaho. They scored 80 points which broker records.

LSU got it done against Texas A&M. This was a pure play that payed off nicely if you were willing to commit. [Read more…]

Friday and Weekend Picks Inside

Taking the Falcons yesterday was definitely our play of the day. This was too many points in an inter-conference rivalry game. Atlanta should have won the game had they not made some silly mistakes. It must be the kind of year they are having. We like the Saints as a team, but they are going to have a lot of work to do if they want to make it in the end.

Our college pick worked out real nice as well. Central Florida got it done early against Rutgers which we said yesterday. This Blake Bortles knows how to play D1 football.

We do have a lot of action once again in many different sports. Where to start is the hardest part. We’ll get things going with our Friday picks. First we’ll do a little basketball and then we will kick in some Hockey.

The Indiana Pacers are visiting the Boston Celtics and although we like the Pacers, 8 points is a lot to give. We think Boston keeps it close.

We like San Antonio on the road in Memphis at -1.5. This game should be close hence the line, but the Spurs should win. [Read more…]

Let’s Find Some Momentum

We had an interesting day yesterday, but it wasn’t exactly perfect. We will do our best today to find some really good picks. We had a great NBA day, but our NHL picks were off. This may have been caused by over anxious rivalry picks at home.

Today, we have our NFL pick and a College football play. We’ll break down some NBA and NHL action as well. [Read more…]

Some Quick Picks for Hump Day

We’ll get things going in the NBA.

We think the Wizards get two in a row when they travel to Cleveland getting +3.

The Heat are elevating their game right now. We’ll take them at -8.

The Clippers are traveling and will beat Minnesota. Take the Clip at +1.

Utah Jazz are pretty bad, but we will take the 10.5 points in the game against the Pelicans.

Some big games on the ice tonight. The Washington Capital are playing up a beat. We like them against the Penguins at -110.

We also like the Ducks going back home against the travelling Devils. Take the Ducks at -175.

We do have one random soccer play today. This is on Uruguay at -3300. Bet small, but it could pay you enough to setup a Parlay tomorrow. They are playing Jordan.

We’ll have more in depth coverage tomorrow so stay tuned. Just keep the odds in your favor.