Some Quick Picks for Hump Day

We’ll get things going in the NBA.

We think the Wizards get two in a row when they travel to Cleveland getting +3.

The Heat are elevating their game right now. We’ll take them at -8.

The Clippers are traveling and will beat Minnesota. Take the Clip at +1.

Utah Jazz are pretty bad, but we will take the 10.5 points in the game against the Pelicans.

Some big games on the ice tonight. The Washington Capital are playing up a beat. We like them against the Penguins at -110.

We also like the Ducks going back home against the travelling Devils. Take the Ducks at -175.

We do have one random soccer play today. This is on Uruguay at -3300. Bet small, but it could pay you enough to setup a Parlay tomorrow. They are playing Jordan.

We’ll have more in depth coverage tomorrow so stay tuned. Just keep the odds in your favor.

Cranking into Our Monday Bets

We had a very interesting weekend of sports. We were breakeven on our Basketball picks and we were break even on our NHL picks as well. This isn’t great, but it could have been much worse.

As for our College Picks, we had a pretty decent day. Wisconsin laid the wood on Indiana with a 24 point spread. We also liked the Florida State line, which was a complete blowout. They should probably be the number one team in the nation. We expect them to go undefeated.

Our Cincinnati pick was our best pick of the weekend. [Read more…]

Oh Ya! It’s the Weekend

We had a pretty wild night and hopefully we have a wild weekend as well. After the first half of the Tennesse Titans and Colts game we thought our bet was dead. We were on the Colts at -3 on the road. The second half came around and the Colts took over the game. If it wasn’t for a garbage touchdown by Delanie Walker really late in the game, we would have won. We did end with a push. This happens, so you can’t be upset about it.

We felt really good about our college pick last night. We were all over Clemson and they ended up crushing Georgia Tech by 24 points. The line was -11. This got us going in the right direction early.

We were 1-1 in the NBA last night with the Knicks failing to cover and the Thunder losing, but using the points in their favor. We were also 1-1 in the NHL. Be sure to check out the latest additions to on picking NHL games.

We had a mistake in yesterdays soccer picks. It turns out those games are for today. Be sure to look at yesterday’s post to get those picks for today. [Read more…]

Getting into Some Late Week Action

We’ll kick things off with our picks from the other day. It turns out we were more than right about Tampa Bay. We liked the situation here and they got it done by getting their first win. Not only were they the underdog, they actually controlled this whole game. Miami wasn’t really ready to play football after such an awful media week.

We had several NBA picks on Monday night that worked out including the Spurs vs. the Sixers and the Bulls vs. the Cavaliers. Both games were blowouts in our favor.

The hockey game of the night was between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Boston Bruins. Not only did Tampa Bay lose 3-0, they lost their best player in Steven Stamkos. This will really hurt their chances going forward. [Read more…]

Smooth Picks Lead into Monday Night

We were able to find some really nice picks over the weekend and we’ll try to make it happen today as well. We had some NBA picks on Friday that we really liked. The Toronto Raptors took full advantage of the 9 points they were getting. They lost by 7. Until we are proven other wise, when the Thunder is getting points we are taking them. They won outright in Detroit.

Our two hockey picks worked out perfectly. We liked the Ducks at -320, but we also liked the Canadian line at -1.5. Well, the Ducks blew out the Sabres 5-2 paying out both bets without much pain. The Toronto Maple Leafs got it done against the Devils as well.

We definitely liked Florida State over Wake Forest and they blew them out 59-3. This was a feel good game for bettors. We also liked Minnesota at home against Penn State which worked nicely. Wisconsin covered the 8 points by beating BYU at home. Another great setup. [Read more…]

Getting Into Some Strong Weekend Bets

We are about to kickoff another big weekend in sports. There are plenty of games in play and we are going to try our best to pick the best winners. We’ll cover many of the different sports that are in play. This includes, College and NFL football, Basketball and Hockey.

We’ll get things going with our Friday picks. We do like a few games in the NBA. The first game of the night is between the Toronto Raptors and Indiana Pacers. Although we like the Pacers in this matchup, we do like the Raptors getting 9 points on the road.

The next game on tap is the Boston Celtics coming into Orlando. Orlando has been playing better basketball earlier in the season. We are going to ride the home team at -6.5.

Detroit is favored at home against the Thunder. We are taking the road team in this game at -3. They should be able to improve their AT record tonight. [Read more…]

Great Halloween Picks

We felt pretty good about a few games last night and it showed. We’ll start off with a pretty wild NFL game. The Dolphins blew the big lead to the Cincinnati Bengals, but were able to take it to over time. It turns out that fairly late in overtime, the Dolphins scored a safety on Andy Dalton to win the game. This was a huge play to finish the game. Who knew a safety would be the walk off play. Anyway, the Dolphins not only had the +3, they actually won the game as well.

We also had the Knicks on the road in Chicago. This came down to the last 5 seconds, so the +7.5 was plenty. Our two hockey picks also worked out really well. We had the Boston Bruins defeat the Ducks and the Rangers took down the Sabres. This was a great way to finish the month. [Read more…]

Spooktacular Picks for Halloween

We First need to go over the World Series. Once the Red Sox won on the road in game five it was almost a given that they would get it done. We liked the Sox last night and it paid off. Baseball is now over until April. However, we have a ton of sports in play.

The most obvious pick last night was between Cincinnati and Memphis. Memphis was only getting 3.5 at home. We were all over the Bearcats in this one and they took it down by 13.

The Pistons at home against the Wizards. Another easy pick. They ended up covering way more than 3.5. They won by 11. We like the aged Spurs and they got it done against Memphis. Dallas was favored by 5 and they won by 9. We were definitely on in the NBA last night. [Read more…]

All Kinds of Sports Action

We are in that time of year where almost every sport is in play. We have baseball, football, basketball, soccer and Hockey. It’s almost overload at this point. However, through it all we will find some picks for you.

Today we are just going to break down our picks of the day. There is no need to talk about the past.

We’ll start with baseball. The momentum has shifted heavily to the Red Sox. It’s hard not to go with them in this one. We are looking for the Red Sox to win the series tonight at -117. [Read more…]

Interesting Weekend in Sports

We got things rolling this weekend with the St. Louis Cardinals winning game three. We didn’t have a selection in game four, but either way it was a flip of the coin. Game 5 will be the same. It’s in St. Louis and if they want to win the World Series they need the win tonight. Adam Wainright disappointed us in the last game, so we think he is back and ready at home. Take the Cardinals at -124. [Read more…]