Almost Mid Season Action

Get ready for week seven of NFL action! The season has finally settled down, but the excitement is just building up. There are some great games this weekend, and also some ones that present good money making opportunities for astute bettors. These three games are the ones to keep your eyes on and look for a chance to win some cash.

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Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have the most respect in this game, and they are the home team. But, even with this, they are only 3.5 point favorites. The Bengals have had a great season so far with a 3-1-1 record. Their one loss came at the hands of the Patriots, and they tied the Panthers last weekend. However, they’ve beaten three strong teams, and this created high expectations for them. The Colts are definitely the stronger team here, and quarterback Andrew Luck has the best passing numbers in the NFL right now. The Bengals are a decent team, and QB Andy Dalton is a top 10 player at his position, but the 3.5 point spread should be overcome, making this a big win for the Colts.

Minnesota Vikings at Buffalo Bills

The Bills are coming off of a game that they could have won against the Patriots, and with the home field advantage, the books have placed them with a 5.5 point edge over the Vikings. However, with the QB position officially Teddy Bridgewater’s now, the Vikings are still a threat to the Bills. The Bills have an advantage with better numbers, home field, and a much stronger QB at E.J. Manuel, but Bridgewater is an unproven factor right now, and there is potential for this game to be closer than 5.5 points, or even give the Vikings the overall win. This is a game to watch, and there’s a lot of opportunities for an upset here. The Bills also have a history of severe ups and downs, which implies that a game like this might not go as smoothly as the experts think.

Miami Dolphins at Chicago Bears

The Dolphins were not supposed to be a good team this year, and their performance so far has surprised people, especially their fans. The Bears are the clear favorites in this game by 3.5 points, but this number, despite the success that the Dolphins have seen, seems low. The Bears have home field, a better quarterback with Jay Cutler, and a better win-loss record. 3.5 points should be overcome by them, especially if Cutler performs at the 97.4 QB Rating level that he’s earned so far this year. Ryan Tannehill, the QB for the Dolphins, only has an 81.5 rating, but he should be a bit fresher than Cutler thanks to the week off two weeks ago. In the end, though, this isn’t enough of a factor to tilt the odds in his favor, and the Bears should win this by 4 or more points if enough things go the way they are predicted to go.