4-0 Yesterday and More Action Today

Sometimes the mojo is flowing and you can pick bets like no one’s business. Yesterday we got on fire and never looked back. We will try to continue that success in today’s picks, so stay tuned.

We got off to a hot start in the UEFA Club Competitions – UEFA Champions League, We chose Arsenal on the moneyline at (-275), which worked out with a 2-0 victory for Arsenal over Fenerbahce SK. The spread of -1.5 was also covered, so either way you had a winner.

The Yankees went to town on the Blue Jays last night. This game was over after the first inning. Any Pettitte threw a nice game and the Yanks pulled of the 7-1 win for our actual pick of the day.This is how a bet is won

The other baseball game we picked yesterday was the San Francisco Giants visiting the Colorado Rockies. We had some nice homer action early in the game and the Giants pulled off the 5-3 win. This was a moneyline of +105, which paid off nice. Although they did cover the spread as well.

The final event yesterday was the Tennis match at the US Open between Gael Monfis and Adrian Ungur. This was a -900 bet, but by the score it shows why. This match was over in three sets. 6-1, 6-2, 6-0. You had to put up a lot for the win, but it was a no brainer.

Today we have a few picks on the plate. Tomorrow there will be plenty of Football action. Remember, in preseason you want to focus on teams with the best youth. This should be interesting.

To start us off we are going to ride the pitching of Stephen Strausburg and the Nationals against the visiting Miami Marlins. We like the -1.5(-120) spread on this one. We believe they win on the moneyline, but at -250, it’s better to pay the extra juice.

The second baseball game for our picks will be on the Atlanta Braves at home against the Cleveland Indians. The moneyline is (-110), but this should hold up. Don’t go big here, but keep it in your sights.

The soccer game of the day is in the EFA Club Competitions – UEFA Champions League. This game has Celtic at FC Shakhter Karagandy. Take the -2(+115) on the Celtic. The moneyline is really deep but Celtic should handle this game pretty easily. Remember you get a push on a 2-0 win. We expect this game to be 4-1. If interested you can bet live soccer. Bovada and other sportsbooks offer this option.

With possibly the final match for James Blake of the United States, we will put our money on the -135 moneyline. He will give it his all to get deep in this tournament. Whether that happens is still not known.

We are in the process of breaking down a lot of the sports you can bet on. We’ve recently added our football wagering section and will have more up soon. We know sports betting can get confusing if you don’t know what you are doing. We’ll play it out for you on this site to help you make better betting decisions. At any point if you have any questions about the material you can always contact us.

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